What To Do if a Puppy Poops 2 Hours After Eating

When I first brought home my puppy Coco, I was surprised when she had to go poop just an hour after gobbling down her meal. As a new dog parent, I was concerned – was something wrong with my puppy? Was there an issue with her food? This was definitely not what I expected! But after working with thousands of dogs over the years, I’ve learned this is actually very normal behavior for puppies. 

In this article, I want to explain why puppies need to poop frequently, sometimes even soon after eating. I’ll share some tips I’ve learned for dealing with this puppy schedule. While it can be frustrating and seem abnormal at first, there are simple ways to understand your puppy’s needs and get into a good routine together. So if your puppy is pooping 2 hours after eating, don’t worry! This is typical for many young pups, and I’ll explain how you can understand and work with your pup’s natural rhythms.

Reasons Puppy Poops Soon After Eating

Mother Nature designed puppies to grow quickly during their first months of life. This means they need to eat often to fuel their growing bodies and brains! But with their tiny tummies and still-developing digestive systems, the food moves through very fast. Their puppy food is extra dense with nutrients and calories too, which gives that little belly a workout! 

Puppies only have a small stomach capacity, so they can only eat small portions at a time. Their bodies are primed to take in nutrients and energy efficiently. After a meal, puppies feel a strong urge to poop and eliminate waste soon after they eat. This is how they naturally empty out their bowels and make room for the next meal!

It’s all part of Mother Nature’s wise plan for a puppy’s growth and development. While it can seem alarming or worrisome at first, this frequent poop schedule after eating is normal and healthy for pups. It’s just their natural rhythm!

What To Do If Your Puppy Poops Soon After Eating

If your puppy has to poop soon after eating, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and stay calm. Getting angry or reprimanding your pup will only create more stress. Remember, this is normal behavior! Mother Nature designed pups to poop frequently.

Pay close attention to your puppy’s feeding schedule. Feed smaller, more frequent meals to match your pup’s tiny tummy. Choose a high-quality food that is gentle on your puppy’s developing digestive system. After a meal, wait 10-30 minutes before taking your puppy out to do their business. Avoid too much play or exercise right after eating, as physical activity can disrupt digestion. 

Be patient and stick to a consistent schedule. With time, your puppy’s poop schedule will regulate as their body matures. If excessive pooping persists for more than a few weeks or you notice blood or mucus, make an appointment with your veterinarian. But in most cases, frequent pooping is no cause for worry. It’s just your puppy’s natural rhythm!

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Tips for Managing Frequent Puppy Poops

Puppies thrive on routine and consistency. Set up a schedule for feeding, nap time, play time, and potty time. stick to it as much as possible to help your puppy’s digestion regulate.

If your puppy gets diarrhea or an upset tummy, try feeding a simple, bland diet of boiled chicken and rice for a few days. This gives their digestive system a rest. Be sure to keep their water bowl full to avoid dehydration.

You can also try digestive enzymes or probiotic supplements. These provide additional support for proper digestion and bowel movements. Choose a natural brand recommended by your veterinarian.

Accidents will happen, so be ready to promptly clean up any potty messes. Puppies learn best when the mess is cleaned up as soon as possible. Stay positive – your puppy will get there!

Patience and consistency are key when dealing with a puppy’s developing digestive system. Stick to a schedule, provide a nutritious diet, and get those digestive supplements. Before you know it, your puppy’s poop schedule will regulate as their body matures. It’s all part of the magical journey of raising a pup!


It’s perfectly natural for puppies to poop frequently, even soon after mealtime. While it may seem worrying at first, this is simply your puppy’s natural rhythm and their small digestive system at work! 

Implement a consistent schedule, be patient, and use supplements if needed. With time, your puppy will regulate as their body matures. Stay calm and use these tips to minimize accidents – your puppy will soon be potty trained.

I remember when my puppy Coco would have to poop constantly after eating. I was so stressed and thought something must be wrong! But after a few weeks on a schedule, her digestion regulated and the frequent pooping stopped. 

Today, Coco is a happy, healthy dog who sticks to a normal potty routine thanks to consistency and patience during her puppyhood. Trust the process! Your puppy will adjust in time. Just rely on the wisdom of Mother Nature – she designed your puppy to thrive and their poop schedule will balance out. Stay positive and enjoy each moment with your growing pup!

Here are some FAQs with answers about puppies pooping after eating:

Can a dog wait 2 hours to poop after eating?

Most adult dogs can wait 2 hours after eating before feeling the urge to poop. However, puppies have smaller stomachs and faster digestion, so they may need to poop sooner, like 30-60 minutes after eating. With age and routine, puppies can learn to wait longer between meals and poops.

How long will a puppy poop after eating? 

Puppies will generally poop 20-30 minutes after eating, but it can happen sooner or slightly later. The urge comes fast with their immature digestive system. Some puppies may poop multiple times within 2 hours of eating as their small stomach empties. 

Why is my puppy pooping every 2 hours?

Frequent pooping every 2 hours or less is very normal for puppies. Their digestive systems are still developing, so food moves through faster. Puppies also eat smaller, more frequent meals and feel the urge to eliminate waste often. As they age, puppies will poop less often, like 3-4 times a day.

How many hours between puppy poops?

In young puppies, poops may happen as soon as 20-30 minutes after a meal. Most puppies need to poop every 1-2 hours. As puppies mature around 6-12 months old, the time between poops extends to around 4-6 hours. Adult dogs typically poop 1-2 times per day.

Do puppies poop after every meal?

Yes, puppies usually poop after every meal because their small stomachs fill up quickly. The act of eating stimulates their bowels. Puppies that eat 3-4 small meals per day will need to poop frequently too. This is normal, but consulting a vet is recommended if pooping seems excessive.

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